Local History Journal 2016 book.indb - Federation of Local History ...

Local History Journal 2016 book.indb - Federation of Local History ...


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Mar 13, 1986 - baIted bark beetle traps III open areas rn the city ...... ed labor It may mean mcreased prIces for public servIces that ...... P~rcell~. Sa turd:l v. !\larch. 22. Brownell's 'Bano and Orchestra's. Rummage Sale and Bake Sale all day at

Jun 23, 1988 - ers of Valente ..... Manager Dan Coe will be responsible for over- all operations and chef Bill Watson will be in ... DeS~nt1s saId some of the Family Dollar store, ample park- ...... Several Parcells students celebrate as school leIs

Feb 8, 1996 - Until they are cleaned out or convert- ... Press," to be published this spring. .... thetic to power suppliers and those who ...... trv~h2 Whether ...... won't have an AMGeneral four.passenger, open-top Hummer. ..... owner Kit Tennyson.

Feb 11, 1998 - Sff s. QCoton Crier. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1998! Who's rights? You decide. By FRANK AMATO. Last week, a 16 year old "student" from the ...... 0. Leduc's Card and Gift Shop has,, some interesting ideas for this spe^ cial day. Their Ya

Oct 11, 1990 - report, the five Grosse Pomtes .... f,1l110U"l11.lkel lorl1l,11 ,bm" ,lie leduced up to 50% Choo"e. 1) ..... Learn to feed the hungry child within you. ... 0\ the portion rn error Notll cation must be given In ...... CM"m~n. PublIC Sel

Sep 9, 2005 - Scott Dulchavsky will have one of the best seats ..... Studio, David Secord, DDS. &. General Funding ...... eGenter's meoo! health and otnercommunity- msed program;. NATIONAL ..... D.D.S., FAGD ...... 49 DUdley Do-. 27 Worry.

Mar 5, 1986 - Delivery Service. Service Contracts & Automatic Do!i very now available ...... CNC with FANUC Control ...... assignments, and our benefit package We have im- mediate .....

May 16, 1974 - M3,Ml), 1973.74. was $1,487,110O,and. '1' h' ...... Ai the tendon of expanding the pro. bave been ver)' cooperative. ...... Sander levin, attorDey q4.' ...... eaving the store and running McKendrick with 6:07 lett to winners included.

Oct 2, 1986 - trOlt's Umverslty Health Center in the MedIcal Center ..... one nurse at a tIme, walchmg over me and .... drugs or surgery - the process of heart muscle death, and men in ...... KIm, Jae 5., !It 0 ...... play Blbhop Borgess High School.

Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks early in the 4th century B.C. and, through the studies of Plato, Aristotle, and others, astrology came to be highly ... Despite the fact that scientists today are dealing with cosmic rays and their in

else in the group f. phrases used in referring to one's character or personality g. swardspeak, language of the underworld, dialect. Vietnam. * “kiêng ky sau khi ...

Sep 12, 1991 - that location would be detri- pand the liquor stock if the sale. - . ~. Pointer of Interest. Norbert J. Kaminski. Possible sale of Schettler upsets ...

Jetter infantry for our Anny by training and developing the leadership qualities of combat commllnders. --~.._----_._-----------. 2240T "":',~Icat Modn" St, Clair Shor••.

Dec 24, 1987 - Craig Oshnockl, a local diver. brings his gear up as workers bring up ...... some, lather ...... 68L.\K I 8% 2000. In thiS se-ason of peace and goodwill families ...... drywall repairs. TextUring and stucco. Insured. Pete Tar- omlna.

Sep 29, 1975 - October 5 (Center sponsored. Call Center for schools Catch' A lot of voters Iare ever seekmg beauty In the hfe underwriter, the highest de. cempetJtlve examinations will be I •. "st ordinary nbblt, cODlirned to I further !pfol matlOn

A telegram from the National. Safety Oouncil to ...... Pointe Health Commissioner. The council ...... the season to drive in 3 Cardi- ico and Spiess, and going into p~ants e. 7. I a good ...... 1.7" B. Wanen Ai. Uti .1. I .t. ~rI. ...... correspondin

Aug 20, 1997 - Officers and for (heir hard work building a ramp so that my mother can get in and out of the house safely." Darlenc ...... SNACK CRACKERS. 12 OZ. RED&WHITE. MAPLE. 24 OZ. SYRUP 99 t. BTL. RED&WHITE. PANCAKE MIX. COMPLETE OR BUTTERMILK

Jul 21, 1999 - Andover Planning Director Steve. Collier said .... Worcester for the spring 1999 se- mester. ..... Publisher Emeritus Capt Larz Neilson ...... The Pines of Tewksbury provides a unique assisted living ..... Chelmsford campus accelerated

Oct 9, 2010 - Course. Jockeys in gay-colored silks quickly mount and take their ...... weeks in advllllce of this event. ..... dme~lcand.eau y agc- George Stewart TU 1-1596 and ... wore a white embroidered or-I Dr. Ryan is a resident at Mas- ...... ~

Entued as Second'Class Mauer. >.t thIlPort.:Office at Detroit, Mlc:h.. Pointe~ ... er, remarked, "The new building tIon to the recently approved ..... COLUMBIA, Mo. ..... witnessed the assault and ar- Lake Shore Jane; Jo~n Kasabach.Phi ..... Campbell