Release Notes - American Dynamics

Release Notes - American Dynamics

Release Notes VideoEdge NVR Software Applicable Software VideoEdge NVR Software v4.1.0.830 Product Data Visit the VideoEdge Network Video Recorders ...

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+ The main toolbar start list width now defaults to 15 and the event list width defaults to 38. ...... lap count. A value of 1 is "Laps Major" order, meaning that participants are first sorted by lap count and ..... LapTime based place numbers cleare

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UL864, 10th edition: Now the FACP fulfills all UL 864, 10th edition requirements. –. Dual IP: Now the FACP can report to two phone numbers or IP addresses or one phone line and one IP address with full single, double, and back-up reporting. It comm

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Fixed: incorrect bit value in the generated PAT packet, which caused recorded TV files not to be playable on certain (DLNA) clients; (nas) build >= 8339. Added: thumbnail generation for TV recordings; (syn ppc) build >= 8339. Fixed: Windows MCE netwo

Jun 3, 2014 - demands and judgments arising out of, or in connection with, subsequent ..... Installation for Avaya Aura® Communication Manager . ...... Federation between presence systems is now possible even with clustered ...... SIP trun

Nov 13, 2015 - Hazus application. The primary goals of the Hazus Modernization effort are to: ... (pGDB) format to SQL Server Spatial format. • Migration of all ...

As of January, 2016, Microsoft only supports Internet Explorer version. 11 and higher. Dragon Medical Network Edition guides and manuals. Guide. Version. 2.1 ...... Epic Hyperspace. When the provider dictates text into the second column in the table,

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