Synovial detection and autoantibody reactivity of processed ...

Synovial detection and autoantibody reactivity of processed ...

Rheumatology 2008;47:597–604 Advance Access publication 7 March 2008 doi:10.1093/rheumatology/ken077 Synovial detection and autoantibody reactivity ...

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Polar-protic solvents stabilize both cations and anions. Polar-aprotic solvents ... A base is always a stronger nucleophile than its conjugate acid. NH. 2. − > NH. 3.

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We report a rare case of synovial cyst of the dens (odontoid process) in a 61 ... lesion was at first considered radiologically to represent an exuberant pannus.

Condensation of isatin derivatives with L-proline II.1.Action of L-proline on -allylisatin II.2. Action of L-proline on -benzylisatin Conclusion: Experimental part References Part II Study of the corrosion inhibition of carbon steel by using -alkyl i

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